The social responsibility of Acket

As a family-owned company that is in business for more than 130 years the Acket management sees social responsibility as a basic element of the company strategy. Key issues are and have been already for many years: People, Planet and Profit.


Labour conditions, working climate and safety are issues that are seen as crucial elements. The Risk Assessment has been positively audited externally for many years. Our Q&A manager participates in National organisations in order to improve the branche-standard.

Labourparticipation of people with a non-relevant handicap at the labourmarket is an integrated part of the HRM policy at Acket. Even at key positions those people are employed and to absolute mutual satisfaction.

Acket appreciates well trained staff and facilitates training of peoples craftsmanship and future Acket operates a schedule with step by step modular training at every level, coached by an internal trainer. Gained competences are translated into certificates of experience.

At an international level Acket has a lot of attention for the activities of the foundation IMBA in Zimbabwe. This foundation which is run by Dutch volunteers runs a large orphans home with a self-supporting infrastructure and trainingfacilities. Financial support to this foundation sometimes replaces X-mas gifts to customers.

For retired Acket employees there is a very active social club where people meet at least once a month. Active Acket employees are united in the employees club, which organises a variety of activities every year.


Since 1993 Acket has been certified according to ISO 14001, the highest standard for environment care, that exists for her activities. Audits by the local authorities always show a very high score. In recent years there has been and still is a focus on reduction of solvents and detergents, based on real state-of-art controlchecks. Energy savings have high priority at every investment made.

In order to move ahead in the item of sustainability Acket became FSC certified supplier in 2009, so customers can choose for a fully certified chain of custody from forest to packaging and endproduct.

Nearly all rawmaterials and added substance during the process are recycled and/ or re-used. All materials are disposed through certified companies.


The management of Acket put value in not only being active within the company but also in the business-society being branche-organisations and several social and technological fora. The management participates in organisations as ECMA, Kartoflex, IPG and Paper Recycling Netherlands.

Apart from those involvements also participation in the local society in Oss plays an important role. Acket supports activities that work at improvement at het environment. Acket sponsors many local activities in this field.

Acket is engaged to be a sound, stable company with a healthy return on investment in order to realise continuity. This will enable the company to fulfill the selfchosen objectives.

Oss, Februari 2015

sedexAcket is member of Sedex, this organisation puts her efforts into the creation of sustainable ethical and responsible supply chains.