It is a fact that excellent projects are often the result of good cooperation between professionals.

Creative use of our facilities and know-how often results in unique products or important savings in the packaging chain.Our CAD software connected to a plotter produces dummies that come very close to the final product.

Award winners:



Aqua Care was launched as a new product in the DIY and Garden/ Horticural supermarkets in September 2010, Elho is an important and innovative supplier in this market.

From the beginning of the Packaging-development Acket was involved in the project. Other parties were Daniel Zonneveld, productmanager at Elho and HCGP for the graphic design. Elho was responsible for the basic idea, Acket did the development of the structural design and this design was used by HCGP to originate the graphics.

The main ideas behind the carton are the maximum visibility of the product, a construction that follows the shape of the product as much as possible , enough printing space for a maximum of communication and a solid manner of hanging the product in the display. Competitive products do not have packaging at all and are not suitable for self-service or just have a plastic bag.

It took 6 months in total from briefing to market. The launch of the product was very succesfull and as well retailers as consumers are very positive.

Reypenaer cheese tray


The cheese is hand made and thus can vary in size. The special construction locks so that every different size can be accommodated. The package is prepared for automatic filling. The carton was produced on SUS board in 1-colour offset plus gold foil and dispersion lacquer. The cheese is held in the package with a label, which is applied as a sleeve.

Comments by the jury:
The judges felt that this entry complements the high quality of the cheese. This unconventional cheese package upgrades the cheese to a premium product. The gold printing on the carton is high of quality and stands out well against the blue background.

Russian Roulette


The package was printed in 5-colour offset with dispersion lacquer on Hansaboard made by Europa Carton AG.

Comments by the jury:
The jury awarded this entry for the role of te carton in combination with the display plays in the total product concept. The graphic design of the individual portion pack refers to the country of origin; the colours chosen highlight the thrill of danger. It's octagonal shape resembles the cylinder of a Colt revolver holding the 'bullet'. According to the jury, the carton strongly reinforces the 'fun' element of the product. Each 'cylinder' contains four small bottles of voka. One of them however causes the tongue to discolour. The 'victim' has to perform a forfeit, which is printed on the base of each carton.



The carton contains a unique bottle with the usual opening at both ends. The simple construction is essential for the handling of the product. For the product, the carton maker used 390 grams solid unbleached sulphate to support the weight of the bottle and to prevent tearing. The 4 colour print plus gold foil give a classic image to the product.

Comments by the jury:
This product provides a unique example of how a carton can give essential meaning and value to the product it contains. Not only does the box efficiently hide the suprise of the 'siamese' bottle, without the carton, no consumer would buy the product. The classic, graphic design on the box, using Michaelangelo's famous detail of God's and Adam's hands in the painting in the Sistine Chapel, enhances the symbolic meaning of the bottle, where opposite ends meet. The carton is an indispensable part of this promotional object.

Draagkarton voor 4 kokers


Assortment packaging with carrying handles for cartridges in the handyman sector.

Comments by the jury:
The packaging system proves that the main demand for up- to- date packaging is not necessarily controversial. The functionality concentrates upon the gathering of the cartridges, convenience through the carrying handle and the easy removal of the cartridge. The colour design supports the packaging, the brand and thanks to the open construction, the product remains the centre of attention.