Quality, environment and society

Acket takes it for granted that maintaining a high quality standard is in the interest of her customers, but also of her own company. The quality system has its feet deep in the organisation and is a basic part of daily routines.To convince customers and prospects about our efforts and motivation Acket is certified according to ISO 9001. Certification and auditing are carried out by Dekra.

To respond to the specific requirements of the international food industry Acket implemented risk management according to the HACCP guidelines. This resulted in BRC-IoP certification (category 1) by Lloyd’s Register QA.

Not only product quality and food safety but also care for life and environment is seen as a main responsibility of Acket. Since we started as pilot plant for ‘Stichting Interne Milieu Zorg (SIMZ)’ in 1993.

Acket has kept up with the best standards and is certified according to ISO 14001.

With regard to health & safety policy Acket is certified according to OHSAS 18001.


A controlled chain of stewardship from forest till the packed product is of strong importance to the sustainability of our society. That is the reason why Acket has been FSC certified by SGS which entitles us to print the certificatenumber on FSC packaging and to keep the chain unbroken. Another expression of Acket’s social responsebility and contribution to sustainability.


To support our product development and quality control functions, the raw materials are subject to various tests. The various ink, varnish and glue suppliers are instructed on the basis of the test outcomes. Technical innovations are monitored by the laboratory. Accurate quality inspections are carried out both during and after production.